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May. 14th, 2011

  have you had those times when literally nobody care about you the whole day. your mum calls. you took very long to pick up to feign tht happy cheery voice. and burst into tears once you hang up?

it always happens to me.

Mar. 23rd, 2010


its coincidental
when you are standing somewhere waiting for your bf to meet you
and someone OEIIIIII you from behind and its your sister and her bf

its coincidental again 
when you're done with dinner and decided to go to starbucks
and saw both of them there again

and its ROYALLY coincidental 
when you're talking to your sis after seeing them
and you find your boyfriend talking to someone else and it turns out to be his sister too. 

yes singapore is very smalll 

on a side note,
i have 92574389487 things im dying to buy!
so many craves, so little cash =(
been super long since i bought things.
and i saw three items from this website alone! i want!!! 


Mar. 20th, 2010


im so lucky 
to have a boyfriend
who cooks. who cooks for me. and who enjoy cooking for me :))) 
i separate the three items above cuz apparently they have different meanings altogether. imagine if your boyfriend is a cook but never cook for you, or if your boyfriend who enjoy cooking for his mum but not for you, or someone who dont cook at all. yea see what im talking about. lets not dwell onto that but anwayyyyy 

i love yong tau foo and everyone knows how i love yong tau foo! 
how not to love! 

to this person in particular
i thank you for bringing soooo much happiness into my life. 



Mar. 20th, 2010


went to town the other day. boyfriend bought a jeans from zara. like finally! he can finally find a jeans that suit his waist and thighs and calves altogether. haahhaa. its so hard to find a jeans that suits him larh. TALKING ABOUT BEING FAT =DDD hahhaa. nah. its cuz his thighs are bigger than normal ppl who have a waist measurement like his. its because hes too BUILT okay. heh heh. 

crashed into a hotel for toilet before we headed home. and it was surprisingly high class inside lah. hhahaha. camwhored a lil. 

we totally acted like those rich ppl that stay there. LOL 

been hanging out in starbucks alot lately too. my major exams (which's a decision of my life and death) is in two months. so yups. mug mug mug everyday at starbucks. 

oh and i'll give you reasons why starbucks is a really good place to study
1. they serve coffee and coffee wakes you up
2. you have basically nothing else to do there other than doing your own thang, which is study
3. you cant possibly stare at blank space/people watch for long cuz ppl around you will think you're crazy 
4. if you stare at ppl they'll stare back at you so you'd rather dont look anywhere
5. so basically what you're left to do with is, study, study AND STUDYYYY 
6.  and when you're too bored and if you're that kinda ppl that food can totally cheer you up/refresh you (like meeee), you can go order some muffins/pastry/cakes. 
7. and if you're bored of the food there they've quite a bit of variety. (i tried all muffins there btw) 
8. and you have to sit your butt there for the longest time you can cuz you cant leave your table (other than going toilet lah) and you have paid for the drinks so being a cheapskaste like me any reasonable person you'll wanna stay there the longest you can so as to make the money you paid for the drinks worthwhile.  
9. starbucks coffee rocks and you'll always be thinking of other drinks that you can customize to keep you excited there so in short, its never boring at starbucks  

as usual, i like to stop at nine. 
oh but this time i have a 10! 
okay lah

10. COFFEE IS ANTIOXIDANT OKAYYYYY. my mummy say one! 


my favourite drink has gotta be hazelnut mocha frap! best drink everrr. but one downside about it is that its toooo sweet. way too sweet. if i have over sweetened drinks like this everyday, i'd have my kidneys being cleaned by machines in ten years time. seriously! so sometimes i gotta do with non-sugar coffee, like bella vista costa rica. 








that day i was dressed like a banglah. 


that day he was undressed. dressed like a err. naked man! 





i love this place that we always hang out in

same place, same location, same photo, same people, same love,

lets call this our place.


Mar. 19th, 2010


food post again ahaha 

restaurant numero siete (7)


DING TAI FUNG'S xiao long bao! xiao long bao=dumpling for those who dont understand chinese. this is heavennnnn. in fact their xiao long bao is always always heaven. we went to the bishan J8 outlet before meeting cheryl and daren tan for ktv. super heavennnnnly. their service is top notch too. we were seated right at the corner of the restaurant and surprisingly every waiter didnt ostracized us. maybe we are just too hawt. hahahaha. KIDDING LAH. but seriously they came to top up our chinese tea for like five times throughout our lunch and they even top up the ginger for us ALBEITTTTTT (ehem) we didnt ask for it. heeeeeeee. so  sextified satisfied with them. 

restoran numero ocho (8)


omg is there even ANYBODY out there who doesnt like sushi tei? hahahah. this was my first trip to sushi tei. YESSSS LAUGHHHH. YESSS SUAKU YESSSS. but wow their dragon roll is THE BEST THING EVER ON EARTH. I SWEAR. IM NOT EVEN LYING. their dragon roll is seriously WOOOHOOO. melt in the mouth literally. its mango wrapped sushi with like lobster in the sushi i think. SIMPLY YUMMMERSS. forgot to bring camera that day and didnt wanna miss out taking picture in my first sushi tei experience (yessss laughhhhh yess very suaku), we used iphone to take pics instead. heee. pls pardon the very lousy photo quality. im drooling again thinking abt dragon roll. oh dragon roll oh. come to mama come come. *hugs imaginary dragon roll in the air*

restaurant numero nueve (9) 


my first trip to manhattan too! yes laugh all you want lah. hahahaha. i'd say its much worse than fish and co, but what am i talking about its an imitation of fish and co anyway. portion is way smaller for everything, taste wise is way mediocre too. not worth the price since fish and co is ard the same price. so ppl, GO FOR FISH AND CO INSTEAD. SUPPORT THE ORIGINAL, JUST DO IT, NIKE FISH AND CO! oh btw. in the first pic they're roasting the prawns right in front of us with the handheld gas pump thingy that produce flames on top of the pan, which fish and co have no such thing. which they're also tryin (very hard) to wow their customers by igniting some pathetic flame on the pan that their food's being served on, (which hopefully customers go wahhh so power arh next time must come back again..got FIRE ON TOP OF MY FOOD ONE LEHHHH) but aiyah save the effort lah manhattan. -.- 

restaurant numero diez (10)


this was special cuz it was with cheryl! omg getting her out with us is soooooooooo difficult man. she's always giving excuses about being a light bulb. super -.-'' pls this woman. how long have you known both of us already cheryl choo yu yan. we are awlays more than happy to have you with us not as if you dont know! dont give this kinda silly excuses next time -.-. had macarons in bakerzin only! hahha. cuz it was teatime and all of us didnt feel like eating anything. bakerzin's having promotion for their macarons this month. its now 6 for 6 bucks only! so cheap. and they just enhanced the variety too. they had like more than 20 flavours now and they're all colourful! and everyone knows how i love colours! hahaha. maracons is love <3 

restaurant numero once (11)


omg PLEASE. DO. NOT. EVER. GO. TO. TCC. EVERRRRR. every single time that i go the food sucked. ( yes if the food sucks why keep going back then bitch?) shuddup thats not my point. the cafe and the ambience looks good thats why i keep thinking that maybe its me who ordered the wrong stuff. but this time its proven that all their food sucks. we only ordered hazelnut something ice blended this time and it suck to the core. the first sip i sucked in i almost puked it out -.- 




i just spent 4 hours on the previous post 

its now almost 3am 

and im starvinggggggggggggggg


back to blogging with sweetness overload


hello poor all you readers. im so bored, and im too bored hence i decided to blog :D 

to those that are wondering. jayson and i are fine together, very happy in fact =) 

dont get me wrong i stopped blogging for so long because im just too lazy to sort out all the pictures and editing them and rotating them and uploading them onto photobucket and link them one by one onto livejournal, the process is just SUPER TAXING. and its not that i have no topic to talk about thats why i stopped. i have tons of topics but blame it on the lazybones hahah. 

my boyfriend and i always have a loongggggggg list of restaurants in the queue. we are always in search of good food and we're so determined to try all the good places. heh. so

restaurant numero uno 


first ever outlet in singapore. slow i know. tried and it SUCKED. okay lah to be fair they're average. given the price, its not worth it at all. 

and this meal was also to celeb our 1st month hehe. verdict: dont go there if you have the money, theres lotsa other good food in singapore.

restaurant numero dos


blooie's super awesome. super nice ambience, good food, great service. a really good and nice place to chill. and we went to the outlet thats at Prince George's Park. PGP is one of NUS hostels for those who havent known. and the hostel is superrrrrr high class. lotsa angmohs stay there and blooie's frequented by mostly angmohs cuz of the alcohol and its the only chilling place there anyway. haha. anyway the day we went to blooie's is a special day cuz its our first official date+christmas eve 2009+someone 'proposed' that day hahaha. not proposed as in engagement lah. propose to be his girlfriend lah. shy. HAHAHAHAHHA. he brought me to err some place in marina bay. whats that place called again i cant remember. marina sailing club? and err isolated me for like a good half an hour. he literally left me alone in the dark+scary+chilled night. and came back being hot and sweaty and panting like a cow, and asked me to follow him. and we came to this lovely candle-lighted heart finally, and thats when he gave me another half an hour mushy talk and vows and promises, before asking me to be his girlfriendd. SHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. hahahahha. 

restaurant numero tres


2AM DESERT BAR!!! this is the place that i've always wanted to go! and finally was there. hahaha. went there on one of the days on CNY, after dan's house party. err sneaked outta there actually hahaha. oh we actually tried to go there previously but they're closed on sundays (if i dont remember wrongly). was sucha disappointments but not anymore! HAH!  it's in holland v btw and its somewhere at a corner so you gotta search for it. a desert there cost like an average of 23bucks? yea freaking fexpensive. but worth the price i'd say. freaking awesome presentation and taste. oh oh oh and guess what. we got one of the deserts above for free! hahaha, we order two deserts and a wait staff there got one of them wrong. and we just so happened that we found out abt it talking to this very very very bubbly waitress (which i loveeeeeeeddddddddddd talking to her, shes like TOTALLY PERFECT AND SHE SPEAK AMERICAN ENGLISH, LONG STORY hahaha). anyways yups we found out and i told the bubbly girl and she was like ohhhh let me get back to you on this. and she came back telling us that we could choose the one we supposedly ordered and it was ON THE HOUSE. HOW AWESOME! HAHAHAHA. i love 2am desert bar and im soooooooo definitely going back again! 

restaurant numero cuatro (4)


american southwest alfresco dining! very different ambience from ordinary resturants. the building is so colonial styled and they have a really beautiful lush garden right next to your dining table. very serene ambience. baby and i both enjoy quiet, romantic places away from bustling crowds so we love that place very much. both of us hate crowds. lol. err food wise, i'd say its quite bad, its either the food or the different taste buds between us and different american etnics. maybe american southwest style isnt our thing but hey. the ambience made up for everything! hahaha. prices wise. its kinda steep there. oh ya! their parking clocking system was broken down on our way outta the carpark so it was freeee parking! woohoo. hahaha. celebrated our 2nd month+valentine's here too! and being as sweet as baby always is, he gave me a surprise again. he totally got me that time really. he excused himself being very kan chiong about his wallet that was left in the car and he claimed that he placed it right in the windscreen so its kinda visible and afraid that it gets stolen (or the car being broken into), he rushed for it and i totally bought his story. and awwww. he end up appearing behind me with a bouquet in his hands (FIRST BOUQUET FROM HIM!) and a box with anna sui perfume and a hand-made card inside. awwwwww. totally sweetness overloaded. i only told him once that i liked that perfume. I AM A LUCKY GIRL! LOVE BOYFRIEND =D 

 restaurant numero cinco (5)



its jack's place!! do i even needa say more? hahaha. been craving for it for really really long. and finally got to go! went to the one at novena. service and food was super poor there. but the quality of food differs for different outlets actually. amk and other outlets are quite good. and we had escargots too! was kinda grossed out by it but its actually super delicious. ahhaha. jack's place make the best escargots. its just that its black in color and thinking of the live snails while i was eating didnt help. we ordered half a dozen, i had two and boyfriend had the rest. hahah. the lobster bisque was delish too! garlic bread is usually really good - soft and fragrant but that day's was lousy. zzz. rib eye steak was a lil charred too. and my grilled chicken was average. and their the bacon bits thats supposedly to be on the baked potatoes. the waiter initially told us they ran outta it. i was like 'huh? how are we supposed to eat the baked potatoes without sour cream and bacon bits?' then another wait staff came over and told us they're left with the last portion. like totally -,-'' larh. how can they run outta their core stuff. beef was overcooked too when we asked for medium well. grrrrrr. not as satisfying as expected but overall its bliss. heeeeeee. 

 restaurant numero seis (6)

jayson's and jinny's crib! 

its actually not the first time we're whipping up hearty brunch for each other. heeeeeeee. total bliss. err but my brunch and his brunch is total pale in comparison. im like only capable of doing american breakfast everytime. but he's capable of doing ANYTHING he can think of. this time was CEREAL PRAWN AND SAMBAL VEGE OMG. and it was BAK KUT TEH AND FISH AND VEGE WITH UMBRELLA MUSHROOM previously. oh the reason hes doing all the homely dishes is cuz im always complaining that i missed and am deprived of home-cooked food. and here he is. whipping up all the homely stuff for me so that im not deprived of anything. heartfelt thank you baby. really thank you for doing all these for me. my heart is still warm and fuzzy inside even after having digested those food for so long. haha. heartfelt thank you. loves =))) 

omg blogging is really taxing. and i realized blogging is independent of diligence. its related to PATIENCE instead. I SWEAR.




love is when


love is when unicorns grow horns on their head LOL 
okay to make things clear this is for cheryl. not me. 

love is when he take you out to food when you're craving it. 

love is when you spend a day under the clear blue sky till sunset together.

love is when he takes you on the singapore flyer when you say you havent been there. 

love is when he takes you to a place like this on a christmas day after singing christmas carols together.

love is when he excuses himself for 30 mins and bring you to a candlelighted heart like this and ask you to be his girlfriend after another 30 mins of mushy talk. 

love is when u take an iphone game out on a battle.

love is when two of your best friends are best friends :) 

love is when you camwhore with your best friend before lesson starts

love is when he planned an xmas eve dinner with you two weeks before and asked you for a christmas wish but had no guts to do it on that day. 

love is when he brings you to places you never been or dont even know existed. 

love is when he brings you to a movie on the first day of its screening just because you're crazy over chipmunks.

love is when he just wanna be with you on a new year's eve to spend the last day of 2009 and the first day of 2010 together. 

love is when he take you on a guilt-ridden 10km walk just to go to avoid the crowds. 

love is when he brings you to a quiet area that you can watch fireworks in peace and privacy. 

love is when you do silly things like these when he's driving. 

love is when he do stupid things like these when u ask him to